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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 26, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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new york city residents as they plotted to travel to syria to wage jihad. jackie is here with the latest. >> the chill iest part of the case is not just the threat of them leaving to join isis but what they would have done when they returned. >> this is real. this is the concern about the lone wolf the idea that it was made quite plain on the statements based on if they were able to go that they would seek to acquire weapons here machine guns and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> here's what we know about the suspects. the two arrested in brooklyn. both legal residents who work together at a local restaurant there. the third in florida with an over stated visa. he is charged of planning the plot. two arraigned in a brooklyn courtroom as they reveal they
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first started the tracking the trio last year with a series of on-line posts of isis propaganda. quote i am in usa right now, but is it possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs while here. to shoot obama and get shot ourselves, will it do? that will strike fear in the hearts of infidels. >> the government has not only their own words on social media the messages to each other but they had confidential informant who was with them and recorded their own voices speaking about all of their plans including wanting to kill the president. >> the fbi director james comey says because of social media recruiting terror investigations are going on in all 50 states. >> he is in particular putting out a sigh ron song through their slick propaganda through social media that goes like this. >> troubled soul come to the
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caliphate. you will live the life of glory. these are the aokpocalyptic end times. if you can't come kill somebody where you are. >> the man arrested in florida is awaiting a march 3rd court date. if convicted they face up to 15 years in prison. >> with terror threats getting close to home there's worry about our readiness and strategy in don't feetefeating isis. >> these arrests need to be a wake-up call for the white house. >> this brings us a point that most americans recognize. isis is a big threat, a direct tlit to the united states. we need to define who the enemy is in this case islamic radical terrorists and put together a strategy incorporating all american power offense and defense that will defeat isis.
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we are fraught we are not getting the response from the administration. we are not getting the president and administration to level with us. we are talking about threats in the climate change and it is one of the biggest thets they live we have to talk about the threat they have who our enemy is and what the broad base strategy is to defeat isis. >> new video of a deadly attack outside of the iranian embassy in afghanistan. a homicide bomber driving a war packed with explosives into a turkish enemy vehicle. one person is dead another one hurt. it is the first snoen attack on a turkish target in the afghan capital. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev coloradould finally go to trial next week. they are announcing the final stage of the jury selection. that process slowed by all of
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the snow up in boston and questions on whether tsarnaev can get a fair trial there. he the judge set up opening statements for as early as thursday. three people killed 260 others injured in the bombing. it was dressup day at the trial secret agents wearing bad wigs and fake beards to testify against suspected terrorist. one agent with the code name 1661 and described as wearing a wig to make it look like one of the beatles cast out on the claim that he was using e-mail to go find a wife and not contact al qaeda. nasir himself taking the stand denying allegations saying terrorism is not compatible with islam. he faces charges on notingplotting attacks in london and new york. hillary clinton denying
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allegations she received money from foreign governments while she was secretary of state. one of the donations broke white house rules? >> exactly heather. the rules the clinton foundation agreed to strict guidelines regarding gifts from foreign governments. the idea is simple. make sure a foreign government couldn't buy influence in the state department by giving mass amounts of money to the former president's charity she detailed 7 countries whose donations totalled in the millions of dollars including approximately 500,000 dollars coming to the country of algeria a long time u.s. ally but also a country with a poor record on the heights. algeria's 2010 donation appears to violate the very rules the
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clinton foundation agreed to. the foundation itself issued a statement last night appearing to admit a major breech to the rules about what they call an unsolicited donation. quote, as the clinton foundation did with aldo nations it received for earthquake relief entire amount was distributed through haiti. this donation was publically disclosed on the web site however the state department should have been formally informed. the latest donation raises more questions as mrs. clinton considers another run for president. it would be uncomfortable at best if hillary krinclinton had to make tough choices who had or does give donations. >> when did they find out about the donation and why did they not alert the state department? >> donation was made in 2010 for asian earthquake relief.
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why they didn't go through the rules as they should to notify the state department they don't have to. they said they should have let the state department know whether it was an overite site or intentional. we have no way of knowing. >> lee p land vittert thank you. extreme weather wreaking havoc across the country. in maine a 75 vehicle pileup on a snow covered road, both of the northbound lanes on the 30 mile stretch of highway between newport and bangor shut down for nearly five hours. >> arctic air freezing over new york city's hudson river again. states of emergency in alabama, georgia, the carolinas. it grounded nearly 900 flights already today. >> maria molina tracking it for you and your family. she is here to tell us the latest. >> good morning. they picked up to a foot of snow in parts of alabama from the snow system and 9 inches in parts of mississippi.
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powerful winter storm they had to deal with across parts of the southeast and it is on the move across parts of the carolinas. let's start out with the current windchill temperatures across the northern plains with the numbers well below zero and across the northeast in boston and also buffalo. high temperatures are going to remain below average across the great lakes only reaching the teens today. in minneapolis, in chicago and also in cleveland as we head into parts of the southeast you are also below average raleigh north carolina only looking at highs in the upper 30's. here's a look at the storm system producing significant nant snowfall across parts of the southeast. areas could be looking at totals of about a foot. winter storm warnings are in effect. >> heather and ainsley. >> thank you maria. >> america's next top model contest at that particular time gunned down in a triple homicide. she was found dead inside of a
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house in charlotte along side her boyfriend and another man. police saying this might have been drug related. top model creator tyra banks tweeted this, the top model family is saddened by the murder of mirjana puhar. a man facing three counts of murder. >> marcus luttrell giving an interview since the verdict in the trial of the man who killed chris kyle and littlefield. he slams routh claiming to have ptsd. >> ptsd isn't a straight line to do murder. it is not a straight line to break the law. basically you are saying if i got ptsd i can go out and slap anybody i want i can do that i am a veteran. that is not how it works. >> routh eights lawyers plan to
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afeel. >> a bombshell report low ryes earner earned 129,000 dollars in bonuses while targeting conservative tea party groups. the reason incentive to keep him from retiring are going to the private sector. he retired ensuring that she receives a full federal pension. remember when this disgraced dc official called american voters stupid? >> the stupidity of the american voter or whatever but basically that was really critical to get this thing to pass. >> now obamacare architect jonathan gruber is out of a job. he was just fired from the massachusetts health insurance exchange. no specific reason was given. the governor only saying he wants to take a bresh look at the state's exchange. recreational marijuana now legal despite threats to though the dc mayor in jail.
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the mayor says she is not breaking any laws but she is by spending cash to legalize the drug which congress banned in december. people in dc can have up to 2 ounces of pot but can only use it in private homes. marijuana still ill legal under federal law. >> trouble in space an american astronaut returns from a 6 hour space walk when he discovers water inside his helmet. he was in no immediate danger. he is smiling in the video. it is raising more safety questions so after a near catastrophic helmet leaked two years ago. >> it is 10 minutes after the hour. they are silent weapons in the border drones to spot illegal immigrants. what brand new arrest warrants show about the return on investment. >> ready to run? why donald trump looks more serious than ever about a white house bid. >> battle lines blur for robin thick. what the singer did in court to
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>> ter tore right here the home. three would be terrorists with plans to attack inside the united states raised by the fbi. wnyu reporter robert moses is live in brooklyn where the suspects lived. robert? >> ainsley good morning to you. two of the suspects live here on east 10th street in the midland section of brooklyn another lived in the ben ston hurst section. they appeared in federal court in brooklyn after being taken into custody. the third suspect is 30 years old who is accused of funding them. he was in custody in jacksonville florida.
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the two younger sus spikts wanted to travel to syria and fight along side isis. one said he wanted to kill president obama and place a bomb in coney island. bill bratton said they are the new face of terrorism. >> this is the lone wolfs kt aing unknowingly it was made plain based on their own statements that if they were not able to go that they would seek to acquire w hand guns machine guns and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> we heard from one of the suspects outside of the courthouse in brooklyn yesterday. he cautioned against a rush to judge. ment. that is the latest.
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a a report revealing the shocking price tag of the border patrol drone program. according to hole land security operating nine drones cost 28,000 dollars per arrest. the drones were credited for just over 2000 arrests about 2 percent of the total amount made. >> 35,000 dollars in back taxes that is how much money illegal immigrants could get through the controversial immigration policies. according to a new report that is possible for a illegal family of four. they get all of that 35,000 once they get their social security numbers or work permits through executive amnesty. lawmakerers say it is rewarding immigrants working here illegally. >> and now to a fox business alert. some major mistakes inside the cockpit mid air.
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one airline issuing a warning to its pilots. >> lauren simonetti is here now. how serious of a threat is this? >> sternly worded bulletin was sent last night by united airline bosses to the pilots. it sited four incidents all could have been avoided with better discipline and communication. all were caused buyer ors in the cockpit. united says it regularly talks about incident cases with the team but this one was much more dramatic. it comes at a time when they were working with pilots recently merged from another airline. they will plan to bring 700 more pilots. they are warning them to pay attention and act the right way. >> good news for t.j. maxx workers. they are following in wal-mart steps and getting a raise. >> the owner of t.j. maxx marshals and home goods will pay $9 an hour in june and 10 bucks next year. wal-mart said it would be writing bigger paychecks.
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ikea and gap said the same thing. this puts pressure on other retailers to do the same thing to keep good worker from going somewhere else. higher wages means higher prices for customers. that might be an upshot of all of this. >> i love home goods. >> me too. and t.j. maxx and marshals. >> one company is soon to be selling edible coffee cups am. breakfast and dessert in one. >> it is exciting. kfc is the company. they plan to serve customers coffee in a cup that you can eat. it will be made out of a waiver that is lined with white chocolate then wrapped in sugar paper. they are called scozi cups. they will sell them later in the u.k. no plan for the u.s. yet. we have no idea how many calories are in those. let's show you stock futures. the dow set to set new records today. ainsley?
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>> thank you, loren. >> sugar paper. probably a couple calories. >> the kids would love that but they can't drink the coffee. >> 19 minutes after the top of the hour. growing terror threats, beheadings kidnappings, but john kerry says we are safer? >> we are actually living in a period of less daily threat. >> his surprising reasons for saying that. >> sky high mystery. who is flying drones over paris. despite three arrests they are no closer to cracking the case. ♪ ññ
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hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit >> a fox news alert for you. isis reportedly threatening to
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murder 150 christians to tajs if the -- hostages if the u.s. does not stop air strikes. militants sweeping through villages in syria kidnapping dozens possibly women and children this on the heels of isis beheading 21 egyptian cop tick christians in libya earlier this month. u.s. em pass see in georgia warning a potential attack at the high end malls in u.s. capitals. they said the threat is quote credible. they have no information about the type or timing of the attack. jordan has intensified air strikes against isis after the militants killed a jordanian fighter pilot. as isis continues to spread across the globe secretary of state john kerry down-playing the threat. when asked about the threats kerry says we are safer today than any other time in history.
2:25 am
>> our citizens our world today is actually despite isil, despite the visible killings that you see and how horrific they are we are actually living in a period of less daily threat to americans and the people in the world than normal, less deaths less violent deaths today than through the last century. >> kerry did admit the threat of lone wolf attacks taken very seriously. that brings us now to look who is talking. former presidential speech writer slamming secretary kerry and wondering what world he is living in. >> what will on earth is he talking about? put aside all of the things that you showed on your air. 200,000 people have died in syria while this administration stood on the side lines and did nothing. he says it is less likely than ever someone is going to get
2:26 am
killed in a conflict in tell that to the family who's family members were beheaded tell that to the families who lost someone in charlie hebdo. tell that to the egyptian christian's families beheaded. or the family of the jordanian pilot burned in a cage. what on earth is the secretary of state of the united states of america talking about? >> the time is now 26 after the top of the hour. coming up, security secure. thousands of airport security badges unaaccounted for. why investigators are saying it's actually okay. >> and let's get ready to rumble. the 2016 gloves are coming off. >> when jeb was a wealthy kid at an elite school he used marijuana but didn't get caught. >> why rand paul says the voters will not tolerate jeb bush. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than
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>> terror here at home. three new york city men arrested for trying to wage jihad. what their plans were in america. >> presidential promises. >> during this period even with legal uncertainties they should be in a good place. >> the president vowing to save illegal immigrants from deportation regardless of a judge. >> madonna's stage scare that has people talking this morning. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> it is 30 minutes after the top of the hour. a terrorist plot caught before it began. the fbi nabbing three new york city residents. >> one of them about to aboard a plane for syria. this coming after learning
2:31 am
disturbing details about their targets in the united states. jackie i be ban jackie jackie has more. >> the scariest part of the case is not just the threat of them leaving to join isis but what they would have done when they returned. >> this is real. this is the concern about the lone wolf inspired to act without ever going to the middle east the idea that it was made quite plane based on -- quite plain based on their own statements if they were not able to go that they would seek to acquire weapons here and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> all right. here's what we know about the suspects this morning. 24-year-old legal resident originally from uzbekistan worked along side a 19-year-old that suspect originally from kazakhstan. the third in florida with over stated visa. he's in charge of planning the
2:32 am
plot. the investigators reveal they first started tracking the trail last year after a series of on-line coasts on isis prop began faw fore-- propaganda forum. i am in the u. now. is it possible to shoot obama and get shot ourselves will that do? that will strike fear in the hearts of infidels. >> their recruitment has increased it has not diminished. there are more of them going overseas than ever before and it is all because of social media. it seems to me that twitter ought to do like google for example and facebook and take these accounts down. >> fbi director james comey says because of social media recruiting isis infiltrated the entire country. >> we have investigations of serious people radicalizing in all 50 states.
2:33 am
this isn't a new york phenomenon or washington phenomenon. it is all over the united states. >> if convicted they each face up to 15 years in prison. >> jackie ibanez live in the studio for us. thank you. surviving boston marathon suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev could go to trial next week. a court announcing the judge is ready for the final stage of jury selection. that process was slowed by all of the snow up in boston and questions of whether or not he can get a fair trial there. the judge dismissed those arguments setting up for opening statements as early as wednesday. 300 killed 250 others injured in the bombing. it was dressup day at the new york terror trial. british secret agents wearing bad fake wigs and fake beards taking a stand to testify against the al qaeda operative
2:34 am
abid nasir. one agent with a code of 1661 described as wearing a wig to make him look like one of the beatles said he was using e ma ill to find a wife not contact al qaeda. nasir taking the stand himself plat out denying the allegations saying islam is not in line with terror. a day after the keystone pipeline bill president obama is ready to rake out the stamp again. this time he says he will veto any attempt to block the immigration plan as the clock continues to tick down on funding. we are live in washington with the details. good morning dougrning. as the immigration debate and homeland security funding debate plays out in congress president obama travels to florida to drum up support on executive actions that legalizes millions of illegal immigrants. he also fired off a were with aing to ice agents if they try
2:35 am
to enforce current law. >> if you have been here a long time and you qualify generally, then during this period even with legal uncertainty at this they should be in a good place. if someone is working for ice and there's a policy and they don't follow the policy there will be consequences to it. >> critics of the political action say they are nothing short of illegal. they asked the administration to back off on the plans and a lawsuit from more than 2 dozen states moves forward. >> be careful. you may benefit from the failure to execute the law today. but i just don't like it when either said plays games over the rule of law. it is the most unifying force we have in our culture. when you begin to erode or use it for political expediency you are damaging the republicans. i would say the same thing to republicans. >> the senate meantime is moving
2:36 am
forward on a plan to fully fund the department of homeland security which would put the senate at odds with the house which is trying to carve out that portion of funding the president could use to begin to enforce his executive action. we don't know where this is going to go. the department of homeland security is funding a rundown here very shortly. it could lead to a charpartial shut down of the agency. back to you. >> doug luzader live in washington. a new blow for presidential candidate hillary clinton. a brand new report shows her foundation accepted millions of dollars from p foreign governments all while she was running the state department. leland vittert live in washington with the latest. >> hi ainsley. before mrs. clinton became secretary of state the clinton foundation agreed to some very strict ethnics guidelines regarding gifts to foreign governments. the idea make sure foreign government couldn't buy influence in the state
2:37 am
department by giving mass amounts of money to the former president's charity. the "washington post" detailed 7 countries whose donations total totalled in the millions. 6 of the countries complied with the rules including 500,000 dollars came from algeria that didn't comply with the rules. a long time ally with the u.s. but not howuman rights. they lobbied the state department directly on issues important to that country. algeria's 2010 donation appears to violate the very rules that the clinton foundation agreed to. the foundation itself issued a statement late last night appearing to admit a major preach of the rules by what they called unsolicited donation for haitian earthquake relief. as the clinton foundation did it received the earthquake relief the entire amount was
2:38 am
distributed to aid in haiti. this donation was disclosed publically on the web site. however the state department should have also been formally informed. the latest donation raises more questions as mrs. clinton considers another run for president. it would be uncomfortable at best if a president hillary clinton had to make tough foreign policy choices about a country who does give her charity large amounts of money. >> absolutely, lae -- leland. >> any repercussions for the foundation not alerting the state department as they promised or as they should have? >> so far the biggest issues are the questions in terms of the public relation and optics involved around hillary clinton trying to roll out the presidential cane and having to answer the questions about why her foundation didn't abide by the same ethics guidelines that they voluntarily agreed to before she took the job. >> leland vittert life from
2:39 am
washington. thank you, leland. >> trumed for 2016 the billionaire real estate mogul saying he is more serious than ever about a gop white house run. the 68-year-old saying he hired staffers in key primary states. he hired an election attorney and delayed signing on to host another season of celebrity apprentice. he has yet to make an official announcement. >> 2016 contenders weigh a run the top conservatives get ready to meet at c pack. rand paul and former florida governor jeb push both set to speak. that brings us to look who is talking. senator paul says his message will be better received than bush's. >> i think if you talk to young people they are not tolerant of hypocrisy. he admitted when he went to a prep school where wealthy kids
2:40 am
went to school and smoked pot but still ready to put a man in jail for using marijuana for multiple sclerosis i wouldn't put them in jail. a lot of poor people get put in jail for using marijuana. he didn't get caught and didn't have to go to prison. it shows hypocrisy that will be difficult for young people to understand why we put a 65-year-old guy in jail for medical marijuana. well, let's go to extreme weather. it is wreaking havoc across our country. a 75 vehicle pileup on a snow covered road shutting down lanes between new port and bangor for almost 5 hours. a school bus flips over after sliding on ice. states of emergency have been declared in alabama, georgia and the carolinas. maria molina tracking all of it for us. good morning maria. >> looks like another system could impact some of the southern states coming up this
2:41 am
weekend. more snow and ice forecast for some of the states you just mentioned. i want to show you the current windchill temperatures. another cold morning across a big chunk of the country. you are in the 20's as far as the windchills in charleston, atlanta and memphis. in the teens in tulsa. the high temperatures are forecast below average in the great lakes and northern plains. high temperatures widespread from maine to rapid city even the city of denver. across the southeast. a system with heavy snowfall totals. >> let's head over to you heather and ainsley. >> it is 19 minutes to the top of the hour. downgrading our defense. the alarming new report about our military and why it is not able to fight two wars at once. >> first the healthcare now the
2:42 am
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my wife bought me that. get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. >> three americans plotting to join isis and wage attacks on u.s. soil arrested. >> the feds began tracking the trio last year after a series of on-line posts calling for attacks on president obama and the famous coney island. the men wanted to fight with isis and return to america to carry out lone wolf attacks. this as investigations are underway in all 50 states.
2:46 am
the direct tore says the powerful on-line recruiting is to blame. >> isil is putting out a siren song through the slick propaganda through social media that goes like this. troubled soul come to the caliphate. you will live a life of glory these are the apocalyptic end times you will find meaning here fighting for our so-called caliphate. if you can't come, kill somebody where you are. >> all three of the men charged with supporting terror. >> this is a terrifying thought more than 1400 security badge about as over the last two years or notedly disappearing from it the nation's busiest airports. they are investigating there was never really a serious security risk. the badges have been de activated after being reported lost or stolen and security areas can only be accessed with a pin number and a valid id. >> a fox business report now happening today the much
2:47 am
anticipated vote on the president's plan to take control of the internet. >> ash sree webster from our sister network fox business is here to explain how it could impact you. ashley? >> heather and ainsley your eyes may start to glaze over a little bit when you look at the fcc's 332 page plan on net neutrality. it means internet service provider should not demand a company like netflix to pay more to get their contact delivered to consumers faster. what does it mean to you, the consumer. here are some of the arguments. a key issue is the cost. they claim if the fcc treats broadband like a utility it could raise fees which in time will be passed on to consumers. the fcc says it won't happen. critics say that could change. it would help maintain a level playing field for future internet startups who could otherwise be priced out. net true trality would ensure
2:48 am
consumers could access everything and not allow ifc's to pick and choose content. greater regulation may lead to less investment infrastructure that could benefit all of awes. the next stop on this issue will likely be the courts. don't hold your breath. ainsley, back to you. >> to find ashley go to the fox business network. in order to find that log on to >> the time now is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour. coming coming up, christians pulled from their homes by isis terrorists. breaking developments about how many are being held hostage. sky high history, who is flying drones over paris? despite three arrests why police say they are no closer to cracking this case. >> first brian kilmeade has what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> let me tell you what will be happening in 12 minutes.
2:49 am
brother of american sniper chris kyle speaking out this morning. jeff kyle here with the reaction to the jury's decision on tuesday. wake up against the recent terror attacks against the mall of america. a solution to keep shoppers safe, give everybody guns if they want them. he will join us to explain. you would never suspect them to be friend but they are. one of the most unlikely pairs will be joining us. we are bringing cats and dogs together because mornings are better with friends. powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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a fox news alert. at this hour the number of christians abducted by isis up to 220. militants sweeping through villages in northeastern syria rounding up hundreds over the past three days possibly including women and children. the terror group reportedly urder the hostages if the u.s.
2:53 am
doesn't stop airstrikes in syria. a new terror video which shows the detainees is expected to be released today. a report claims the u.s. military no longer has the ability to fight two wars at the same time because of crippling defense cuts. the heritage foundation says the administration's budget constraints are so bad that a strategy the u.s. has had since the cold war can no longer be handled. the u.s. should be able to defend itself from one enemy while fighting another but the military is now ill equipped he says. the report claims all service branches are only marginal -- are in marginal conditions. >> three al-jazeera jurntle taken into police custody for flying a drone around paris. these journalists have no link to night flights. drones are banned in paris and can only be flown in france with a license.
2:54 am
the blurred lines infringement trial looking for like a concert as robin thicke takes the stand. ♪ ♪ robin thicke pulling out all the stops amid allegations from marvin gaye's family that the hit song "blurred lines" copies gaye's got to give it up. the singer playing piano in court and singing numerous songs from artists including u2 and the beat also to show many pop hits same the same chords. pharrell is set to testify in coming days. trouble ahead for the clinton mccain. what it says about foreign money funneling into the clinton foundation. >> the dancing seniors who will want to make you get up and get moving this morning. ♪ ♪
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certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you have been to a region where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c or are prone to infections. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. one pill, twice daily, xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today, nationwide investigations underway after three new york city men are arrested for plotting to join isis and carry out lone wolf attacks in america. a new report claiming hillary clinton's foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments while she was secretary of state. the state department never told about one of those donations from algeria breaking white house rules. the f. crsm c. voting today on the net neutrality rules. a five member board
2:59 am
expected to approve a plan for an internet that will be free of broadband provider swaddle. john kerry says the world is safer today. what do you think? log on for a debate at #keeptalking. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. ♪ ♪ >> an old school take on uptown funk. these seniors going viral on youtube and they did all of their own stunts. next the bad. madonna takes a bow. ♪ >> the material girl stumbling down the stairs during a performance at last night's britain award. she was yanked back by the large cape she was wearing. she was not injured.
3:00 am
the ugly. r&b singer chris brown forced to cancel shows in sceand -- canada because they won't let him across the border. sproip frocks frocks stardz right now. bye. >> good morning. it's thursday, february 26. a fox news alert. isis in america. three men from new york arrested in an alleged plot to join isis, even threatening to kill the president of the united states. but our secretary of state says we've never been safer. what? >> despite the visible killings that you see, we are actually living in a period of less daily threat to americans and people in the world than normally. >> are we really safer right now? that's the question. >> that is a good question. and hillary clinton's g


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